Perfectly archive voice data

EMA®'s Voice to Archive® module enables archiving calls and other voice tracks legally. It fully integrated to archive company to be able anytime play your archived voice records. It enables you to record conversations as are deals about contracts, dealing with customers or commercial partners, with right and proved method.


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voice info legally

Completely Takes into account strict regulations

              about protection of private while recording calls

Easy integration

to every infrastructure using by integrated                             communicating interface


Special mode telephone switchboard

automatically record all in coming calls (after
              agreement of callers) and forward them to
              customer representative

Mode gate

enable call EMA using integrated number and                     dial specific phone number

Uploading calls

which are all ready realizing adding to system                      EMA® to conversation

Using protection technology

EMA® for secure voice data in archive

Fast searching

and find archived calls using powerful searching
              system EMA®